Thursday, October 14, 2010

A gem in our midst- Happy birthday

There are some people who are so unfalteringly wonderful that they renew your faith in the world,despite the fervent attempts of a history and international relations degree to destroy it. They can remind you, even at your most disheartened, that humankind is good after all.

There are some people endowed with such incredible kindness and generosity that you simply cannot fathom how one person can possess so much love, for so many people. These are the individuals who remember to ask everyone how their test went, or check-in to see if they're feeling better.

There are some people so selfless and wonderfully benevolent that they bring happiness to all those around them, yet never ask for anything in return. People who will spend their day thinking of how to help out another, not because they have to, but simply because they want to. They are not just your umbrella in the rain, but the solace of a true friend and a cup of tea away from the storm.                                                                                            
                                                                                  These people are rare and if we are to cross their paths with just one of them in our lifetime we are truly lucky. 

Anna Whaley,
you are one of these people.                                    

I am constantly astonished and utterly in awe of how you manage to be so lovely! I think it is hard to even express how much we all appreciate you, because nothing seems comparable to the kind deeds you do for everybody, every single day.
This weekend treat yourself, and allow yourself to be treated. Because, for once, it should be all about you!

Also, as it's your 21st.


  1. Laurel-WONDERFUL-Carmichael I am printing this and putting it on my wall FOREVER - You are the most outstanding friend and talented blogger!! Thank you SO much - you've made my day! This is the first thing I read when I woke up, you are so so lovely!

    You're the PRICELESS GEM in my life, and while u claim this post is about me, to me this is alll completely encapsulating of you. I am so soo LUCKY (in bold because this word seems too ordinary yet i can't think of another, so tried to make it stand out the way you do) to know and love u

    Thank you!!!

    p.s. As its my 21st bday, I promise today and tomorrow we live like we drunk dance :-D hehe thank you for that quote - uv inspired me!