Monday, April 25, 2011

The Pursuit of Happiness

Friends, food, copious amounts of wine, and dirty board games...
Yes please.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stormy weather.

Before you start reading,
Press play....

Then simultaneously play this...

Don't you just love curling up in a cosy duvet with a good book, a Bon Iver playlist and the gentle sound of rain on the roof?

Well, I suppose I do too.
BUT, what I really love is going running in the rain. I love the freshness of the air, the emptiness of the streets, the reflections of colourful city lights on wet pavements...
And then going home to a warm shower, cosy duvet, good book, a Bon Iver playlist and the gentle sound of rain on the roof...
Ever weathering the storm in Wellington
Outside Te Papa

Dream bedroom

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Look up.

Starry night,
Soaring bird,
Ominous thunder,
Lightening Strike,
Apricot dusk,
Infinity blue,
Bushfire sunset,
Firefly Sky.

Aotearoa- Land of the Long White Cloud.

The sky has a thousand faces. Powerful, beautiful, joyous, brooding, volatile- just like us really. It is an ever-changing canvas and a ever-present backdrop to our lives.
 Remember to look up and wonder.

All the photos above are my own, the ones below inspire me.

They All Hate Us
Model: Teresa Oman, Photographer: Sybil Steele,
for Bikini Bird. Oracle Fox.

Civic Square, Wellington, photo by
 my wonderful friend, Tessie Hendry

Fancy Treehouse.

Absolutely LOVE this blog. Adore her style.

Friday, April 22, 2011


As a child I was obsessed with Milo and Otis. For those of you who had the misfortune of missing out, the movie details the story of a kitten (Milo) and pug puppy named Otis. When Milo is accidentally set adrift downriver in a wooden box, Otis embarks on an epic adventure to save his feline friend. In his heroic mission Otis encounters several angry bears, narrowly escapes from the desolate Deadwood Swamp and is adopted by both a female deer and a sow pig- and that's only the beginning! 
My favourite scene involves Otis and Milo, in a moment of joyous reunion, frolicking happily through the fields. Even if only short-lived, it is a moment of pure, unadulterated happiness. As they leap through yellow dandelions and long grass they do not care for the past, or the future, but simply delight in the glorious present and each other's company. We could all do with a bit of that attitude in our lives. By all means plan for the future, rectify past wrongs when possible- but do not let them detract from the now. When things are going well, put aside your worries, if only for a little while. Climb a tree, run around in a park, go for a twirl on the dance floor.
We are never too old to frolic.

Below are pictures I took of some friends at the Basin Reserve park, near Wanganui.

Colour Block Winter.

As our days get shorter, the leaves fall golden brown and that Wellington wind whips a little colder, it's easy to see winter just around the corner. At the same time, we antipodeans are forced to look-on as Americans flock to Coachella and the Brits swarm across European beaches for summer. 
But, just because tees and tans are replaced with coats and stockings, it doesn't mean that winter fashion must be boring. Embrace the colour blocking trend by keeping some of your winter staples colourful, and go hunting for funky statement pieces. If you just look at it the right way, rain can be refreshing, wind invigorating and winter a wonderful excuse to dress fabulously. Whatever the fashion, whatever the season, life is what you make of it.
Go scarves,
bright lipstick.
Keeping fashion fun is a great way to avoid those winter blues. And, hell, if you need any proof, check out all the photos on that are shot in the snow.

Inspiration Station:
Colour blocking extraordinare and one of my favourite fashion bloggers.

I just bought a skirt like this from tuula, can't wait to receive it!
Me, at a park near Wanganui earlier this week

For you m'deer.

Today, one very inspirational person turns twenty one. 
She is wise beyond her years, but possesses all that fun-loving spirit of childhood.
Endowed with absolute creative genius and insight, her blog is a never-ending source of delight. 
With dazzling red hair, an absolutely unique but impeccable sense of style and infectious personality to boot Jane is an absolute inspiration.
She sits on roof tops till sunset, twirls on the dance floor, bravely writes on angry women's windows with lipstick, wears fantastic hats and can say a thousand things in just one word.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, may it be full of wonderful things.

Back and Forth

The crowd pushes. Ten thousand people surge collectively forwards, heaving like the lungs of one great monster. The air is pungent with beer and cigarettes, and sweat-soaked singlets rub together in one collective bath of perspiration. Excited whispers run like electric currents through the jostling mass- the people are waiting.
Quickly the whispers gather momentum. 
Impatiently a thousand feet stamp. 
In unison, a thousand more. 
Like dominoes they push forward, surge back. Five thousand stamping now. 
No one can move alone, but are carried with this teething tide of bodies. They are stamping louder, chanting now too. Everyone is yelling but individual voices are silent, lost amongst one deafening cry. Eyes fixed on the empty blackness in front, the crowd are calling.
Two words, ten thousand people, one voice, one great crescendo.

Then, just as they room feels like it may explode from sheer energy, out of the empty blackness wafts a thick, grey mist. From somewhere deep in the mist, a single guitar string sounds. A haunting, pulsing, rasping note builds, louder and louder, stronger and stronger. The crowd hush- this is what they have been waiting for.

And so began my first live experience with the Foo Fighters.

Perhaps there is something special and psychologically ingrained about your first real music love. No matter how my music tastes may change, mature, or broaden, I know this band will always, always have a special power over me. 
In Your Honour was the first album I ever bought and listened to for love of the music, not because it was the coolest new thing on the top-40. The Foo Fighters' concert at Wellington TSB arena was my first big, 'proper' concert- which also shortly preceded my first instance of getting absolutely blind drunk and spewing all over my friend's mother's friend's bathroom.
In the subsequent six years I have bought all their albums, gone to another of their concerts, listened to, and fallen in love with a great variety of other music and never again been a drunken disgrace...(cough, cough). 
Tonight, after watching their latest documentary, Back and Forth, though, I remembered how much I fucking love these guys. My admiration for them is unbounded. I can't say how much respect I have for Dave- a man who drummed in Nirvana, played with John Paul Jones, yet recorded his latest album on tape in a garage and interrupts his own recording sessions to take his seven year old daughter swimming.
Plus, he probably has the most amazing tattoos I have ever seen.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birds of a feather.


I'm about to unleash on you a torrent of all that's been inspiring me over the last few weeks. Get ready.
Feathers, tassles, dream-catchers, head-dresses, dirt, dust and wild, Wild-West.

Styled by Mandy
From Bikini Bird swimwear
Javier Pinon

Javier Pinon
Javier Pinon's artwork


Magazine: L'Officiel February 2011Model:
Sophie Srej
Photographer: Camilla Armburst
Stylist: Alexandra Elbim

This incredible artwork from one of my favourite bloggers, Oracle Fox