Sunday, March 27, 2011

A bottle of wine, a toothbrush, a butterfly, a boogie, a power drill and a bit of Kiwi ingenuity- Cuba for CHCH.

Friday night was Cuba for CHCH-a number of gigs at various Cuba Street venues, with all proceeds going to the earthquake relief fund. While, admittedly, much of the night was spent lining up in the rain, and being sighted by my history lecturer knocking back $10 Sav from a drink bottle was a little sub-par on the class front, all in all it was fantastic night.
Highlights included free pizza, using a tooth brush and some good old Kiwi ingenuity to block a plumbing leak at a friend's flat,  boogie-ing to Bang! Bang! Eche! at San Fran, teapot cocktails at Good Luck, watching a butterfly in the rain and walking home in my town dress carrying a power drill (believe it or not, I can explain.)

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