Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Go Shawty..."

...It's your birthday."

Or rather, it was.

This week has been a delightful combination of almost too-good-to-be-true amounts of autumn sunshine, cider, afternoons on the boat sheds, pasta, home-brew beer, "death wish" cocktails and ROFL-worthy fun. It's certainly made me appreciate just how much I love and value these incredible friends I'm so privileged to have in my life. I'm so grateful for their unbelievable generosity, compassion, and ability to have an outright crazy time on any night of the week.

A week which culminated in the thankful aversion of a minor crisis when Bryony demonstrated the female capacity to multi-task by simultaneously playing kitchen menace and fire-fighter.

What a wonderful way to turn 21.

With my gorgeous flatmates.
Autumn sunshine on Oriental Parade
Sarah does uncanny impression of a $30 cocktail glass
Two of my favourite people

These last few photos are courtesy of my wonderful friend Raiko, talented photographer and MC extraordinaire...

At the bar, Good Luck
Shots to start the night, Good Luck Bar
Look at these salty kids go.
Love to all my wonderful party goers.

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