Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inspiration Station

… And for the second  of my two minimum(I say minimum because I most certainly will get carried away with many more) daily posts.
 A good friend of mine (check out her blog here )sent me this last night, with the words “I’m assuming you’ll enjoy this w football, inspiration and all that jazz…”

She assumed right. More than right even.

I’m obsessed with football as the beautiful game. I think football is art. Every game, from grassroots to premier league is a theatrical performance ridden with drama, grace, emotion and tension- perhaps even more so than any traditional art form. Football has seen  entire nations and communities rally united behind team colours. Anyone you can play it. There is no need for try lines, nets, rackets or oars, all you need is a round ball.

The entire world, from Africa to our little corner of the South Pacific, screaming, gasping and cheering, fell into sync around the world cup last June. Stood still during Zidane’s infamous headbutt in 2006…

I could take about football forever, but here’s just a little snippet about why I think the game is so beautiful…

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