Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Newtown Rocksteady

Wellington is wonderful. I love the waterfront where you can sit on the roofs of the bright boat sheds and watch the sunset over the harbour. I love the endless array of artists on Cuba Street and that as the music of one busker drifts out of earshot you encounter the next. I love the fashion and the coffee houses where you can sit amongst hesian sacks or in sunny courtyards with long blacks. 
But I find that Wellington, particularly the central city, can be very insular. It is so easy to spend day after day in a city that is perfectly topographically designed for walking.Newtown is just around the corner, a mere ten minutes walk from my place on Tory Street. Yet, in so many ways it is like another city entirely. It’s bustling with green grocers and in its bus shelters sit many an intriguing character. Colours here are a little bitbrighter, the smells a little stronger and the people a lot more intense. It’s not a place you’d walk alone at night, but I love it all the same.
It’s good to get out, away from the hipsters of Cuba Street and the suits and ties of Lambton Quay to see the other people we share our windy world with….

Sunny side up.

Holy Communion

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