Friday, April 22, 2011

Colour Block Winter.

As our days get shorter, the leaves fall golden brown and that Wellington wind whips a little colder, it's easy to see winter just around the corner. At the same time, we antipodeans are forced to look-on as Americans flock to Coachella and the Brits swarm across European beaches for summer. 
But, just because tees and tans are replaced with coats and stockings, it doesn't mean that winter fashion must be boring. Embrace the colour blocking trend by keeping some of your winter staples colourful, and go hunting for funky statement pieces. If you just look at it the right way, rain can be refreshing, wind invigorating and winter a wonderful excuse to dress fabulously. Whatever the fashion, whatever the season, life is what you make of it.
Go scarves,
bright lipstick.
Keeping fashion fun is a great way to avoid those winter blues. And, hell, if you need any proof, check out all the photos on that are shot in the snow.

Inspiration Station:
Colour blocking extraordinare and one of my favourite fashion bloggers.

I just bought a skirt like this from tuula, can't wait to receive it!
Me, at a park near Wanganui earlier this week

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