Saturday, April 23, 2011

Look up.

Starry night,
Soaring bird,
Ominous thunder,
Lightening Strike,
Apricot dusk,
Infinity blue,
Bushfire sunset,
Firefly Sky.

Aotearoa- Land of the Long White Cloud.

The sky has a thousand faces. Powerful, beautiful, joyous, brooding, volatile- just like us really. It is an ever-changing canvas and a ever-present backdrop to our lives.
 Remember to look up and wonder.

All the photos above are my own, the ones below inspire me.

They All Hate Us
Model: Teresa Oman, Photographer: Sybil Steele,
for Bikini Bird. Oracle Fox.

Civic Square, Wellington, photo by
 my wonderful friend, Tessie Hendry


  1. I always look up when I'm walking the streets, at least when I get bored of what I'm walking amongst anyway! Everything "up" is so much more interesting...the buildings, the people (or lack of)...what can a girl do in such a world but explore...